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When Fever Strikes

September 16, 2010 by Peter Loomis

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How does inspiration find me? All of a sudden I am slammed with a compulsion to create... My senses have gotten so splashed with new experience and color and elemental depth over the last couple of weeks that I am bubbling over with energy attempting to process and replicate or approach many of the incredible visual and musical encounters that I have just had...

Returning Man...the return from this year's Burning Man, an arts and music festival and experiment in community that takes place a few hours North of Reno, NV, in the Black Rock Desert. Aside from an otherwise challenging readjustment to urban life, the music and installation art out there this year got me going on a very deep level. Within a few days of being there I was exploring the desert and various art pieces constantly. I stood awestruck by some of the pieces and their beauty as well as technical execution and scale, especially in such a remote location. The artistry and vision I continue to experience out there is mind-expanding. I always come back realizing that I don't really know much at all. There is so much more that I don't know and so much AMAZING creation out "there" it literally astounds me.

Some of the music this year was incredible, magnetic to such a point that I walked across the entire desert in search of a sound...the sound that would define this year's festival, only to turn back and follow my ears back to an art car that I had heard in the middle of the festival's outlying area (ie: mid-deep playa, beyond the Temple). I also had the opportunity to do a Mystik DJ set (for more info and downloadable dj mixes see out there also (thanks to Loic at Tetropolis!) and tag-teamed a 2 hr set with my friend Spacelotus through the sweltering heat of the afternoon. Looking out over the inner desert with all of the people on their own paths was a totally musical and meditative journey, taking my cues from the other DJ and interweaving our musical styles in a cohesive mix and creating a deep afternoon soundtrack for the unfolding festival.

Upon my return, I have been dusting everything off, for sure, but I have also been stretching my creativity and resources to capture some of the precious essence from my recent experiences and attempting to truly understand it, partially by opening my creativity to encompass new and diverse influences as well processing and learning to recreate aspects of it on a technical and production level. My attention has been raptly fixated on these experiences, soaring on the afterglow and gliding back to "reality."

This kind of inspiration is priceless and can be hard to summon at will. However, when it strikes, this fuel from beyond propels me further along my path, boosts my energy levels, heightens my perception and directs me from within. Even when I don't recognize it, but especially when I do; things become more meaningful and clearer in many ways. I am now and *always* processing and channelling insight and guidance from the Great Spirit into being and manifestation.

Fortunately, probably as a result of my recent inspiration and blast from the deeper Self, I have been able to remember this much more and embrace many more moments of beauty and friendship recently. This is one of the lessons I will attempt to hold on to from my 12th journey to the desert. That only now, when the moment and all of the conditions are just perfectly right, can my experience be fully awakened and realized and contain the most depth and power to influence my very own present, past and future. That I absolutely must value and appreciate every moment as fully as I possibly can in that moment, because soon it will be the past and not accessible except in memory, which fades and becomes illusory, for the rest of time.

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