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The Melt is On!

April 18, 2012 by Peter Loomis

PERSONE: Blog: The Melt

PERSONE has just started user interface design and mobile development work with San Francisco-based eatery The Melt, which combines the convenience of mobile ordering and fast food preparation speeds with the yummy goodness of near-gourmet classic home cooking favorites, namely the "melt", or grilled cheese sandwich and a wide variety of delicious soups.

Head over to The Melt web site and get a load of the combinations on their extensive menu. Then you can even order on your computer or mobile device. Of course you can also order in-store, but then you have to wait in line! If you order online, you get a QR code back on your phone, which you can scan in the store to submit your order for immediate cooking. The Melt has some fancy new technology that allows it to make it's super tasty sandwiches really quickly, crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside! They even have sweet melts and as mentioned above a lot of different soups and combinations to choose from. Stop on by and grab one for lunch if you see them! What do you think?


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